Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Quote of the Day.

"A team wins with the elimination of mistakes and with people who want to win and can't stand losing." - Lou Holtz 

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Darling Dozen: The 12 Absolutes of Basketball

Here are Sue Darling's (Northern Arizona University) 12 Absolutes of Basketball
  1. There are no absolutes in Basketball.
  2. Do more, Talk less: Players learn by doing.
  3. Make Lay-ups: Practice game like layups, and shooting lay-ups with the wrong hand (ex. right side lay-ups with left hand, and vice versra), reverse lay ups, layups off the pass, and full court layups.
  4. Every pass counts: Demand accurate passes. She relies on Full Court Weave passing drills.
  5. Make Free Throws: If your team made all of their lay-ups and FT's, how many more games would you win. 
  6. Expect Accurate Shooting: Practice making shots! Make a lot of shots is much more beneficial than simply taking a lot of shots. 
  7. Let them Play: The best drill to simulate playing a game is playing a game. Let your players scrimmage frequently. Have your players play 5 on 5 with no dribbling to work on moving without the ball.
  8. Practice end of game situations: You are doing your team a disservice if you dont practice end of game situations.
  9. A team is a direct reflection of its head coach: Take a look in the mirror every once and a while. 
  10. Your practices are a direct reflection of what you care about: Plan accordingly. What your emphasize during practice is what your players will learn to value.
  11. They dont care how much you know until they know how much you care.
  12. Enjoy the journey: Have fun coaching. This job is pure joy.

Coach Brandon Huntley
Twitter: CoachBhuntley

Friday, November 2, 2012

How To Win On The Road

Control Tempo

  • Shot Selection
  • Control Pace
  • Play with intensity

Defend for 40 Minutes
  • No easy shots
  • Contest every shot
  • Limit unnecessary fouls

  • Box out
  • Get loose balls
  • Be aggressive and attack

Get to Foul Line
  • Attack and Penetrate
  • Go inside
  • Attack offensive glass

Offensive Execution 
  • Shot selection
  • Perform roles
  • Moving the ball

Coach Brandon Huntley
Twitter: @CoachBhuntley

17 Must Have's of a Head Coach by Eddie Sutton

Coach Eddie Sutton's must have's of a Head Coach

  1. You as a coach must develop a philosophy. Believe what you are teaching and the players will believe also.
  2. Study the game by watching film. Learn how other people teach things.
  3. Set goals. Bring Seniors in and make them lieutenants. How many games can we win?
  4. Job Selection. Coaching is tough. It is tough when you win. Go after a jon where you can win and have the administration's support.
  5. Approach every job as if it is your last.
  6. Hire good people. Great work habits. Loyal. Honest. Class
  7. Treat your players like they are your own children.
  8. Keep a diary.
  9. When you develop an offense, make sure it is one that can handle pressure.
  10. If your players are sound fundamentally, they can run any offense and play any defense.
  11. Defense is the stabilizer in any team sport. It will keep you in games when you cannot score.
  12. Motion and structured offenses. 
  13. A lot of emphasis on defense. Man-Man 95% of the time.
  14. It is a team game. Define their role. Everyone has a role.
  15. Run more organized shooting drills. make them work on their shooting. It should be supervised  Put yourself in a game situation. Have managers chart the shots and post it after practice. 
  16. Motivation - What makes every player tick. You need to know this.
  17. Coaching can only take you so dar. You have to have good players. 

Coach Brandon Huntley
Twitter: @CoachBhuntley

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Six Things Great Assistant Coaches Must Do

1. Communicate - You need to know how to communicate with different people on and off campus. Your players, parents, administration, fellow coaches, and local people are all important to your program. In every opportunity to communicate you are representing yourself, your school, your head coach and players, and your program.

2. Energy - Walk into the office everyday with positive energy. There will be days when you don’t want to bring energy but do it anyway. Your boss and fellow assistants will notice and I affect your overall productivity and contribution to the players and program.

3. Know your head coach - Knowing your head coaches like and dislikes will help you rise above other assistants. In recruiting, have a keen sense of the kind of player your boss like to coach and what intangibles they must have. Know his/hers hot buttons as you work on the floor, in the office, and on the road. You will be able to anticipate potential obstacles and problems with this sense of knowing your head coach.

4. Preventative Loyalty - Great assistants learn to “think like a head coach” before taking over a program. This is a major component of being loyal and having your boss’s back. Being preventative means seeing the entire program at once and anticipating what is out of line. Great assistants keep fires away from the head coach so he can focus totally on his job. Think ahead and ask “what are we missing, what did we forget, or what is the next thing that could go wrong.” Learn to do the impossible without excuse or recognition.

5. Handle rejection and persevere - Assistant coaches must be thick skinned and expect rejection. How you handle rejection and adversity will mold your reputation and character. You will either become an “average” assistant coach or an exceptional one based on how driven you are to be the best.  This goes for recruiting, coaching, academics, organization, and the small things that make a program.

6. Are you a Hard Worker? - The term “hard worker” is overused and insignificant. What is your definition of hard work? When you use the term make sure you know what it represents and back it up on a daily basis. Anyone can get after it for a period of time, but only the special assistants can bring it every morning, throughout the day, and into the midnight hours.

Coach Brandon Huntley
Twitter: @CoachBhuntley

Monday, October 8, 2012

Traits of the Greats

The following comes from Dr. Dave Martin's book, "The 12 Traits Of The Greats." A  very talented coach and a good friend of mines; Brittany Weaver, Assistant Women's Basketball Coach at Yakima Valley Community College, left me this paragraph during one of our daily conversations. We created a trend of starting weekly goals and holding each other accountable for them. I have to admit, this has helped over the past month see things in a different light.
"You can do anything in life you want to do, but you can't do everything. I am convinced you can achieve anything, be anything and build anything you put your mind to, but the harsh realities of life won't allow you to do them all. If you truly want to be great, you must focus your limited time and resources upon that sole passion that deserves your time and your life. In the Bible, James said, "a double minded man is unstable in all his ways" (James 1:8). He "is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind" (James 1:6). If you divide your heart, you will divide your effectiveness. But it you focus your heart upon something specific, NOTHING can take it away from you."
This is a very powerful and true statement. I know I am a very talented person and I am good at many things, but my focus is to be great at one thing, and that is coaching basketball. Hopefully this will inspire you to be great.

Coach Brandon Huntley
Twitter: CoachBhuntley

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Coach Bill O'Brien On Putting Players Names On Jerseys

"I felt it was important for the people out there to really know who these were that stuck with this program, that stuck with this university, that are just going to help, not lead, this community moving forward. At the end of the day, though what we talk about to our team since Day 1 is we as one team."

Coach Brandon Huntley
Twitter: @CoachBhuntley